Friday, November 15, 2013

Forever Alone Soul

She sat alone. Never talked. Only looked. Only imagined what could be, if she spoke a word. If she muttered a whisper of sound through those lips that were never loud. If she made an effort to get to know those around. Even though those around did not take the time to get to know her. She sat there and thought 'why me' as she walked through the halls of pain and sorrow. As she climbed and climbed, she was brought down time and time. She was of no family but that of an orphanage. She walked around with her head down upon the ground. She never looked at the faces of her doers. Those doers who brought blood to her tears. Those doers who brought the pain and sorrow to her halls. Those doers who pushed her down when she began to climb. Those doers who never knew the real soul. The soul that was burned many a times. That soul so pure, its only the purest because of it past. That past in which went unspoken as if a secret. That past that made the present and future a living nightmare. But those doers of her never know, that when she gave up, they killed the soul that would never be forgotten. That soul of hers still to this day is of importance as if to say, words hurt more that you know. Words hurt no matter how far they go. Words hurt the purest of souls. Written By: Jasmine Cole

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